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Services and Spares

Unique prides itself in providing quality spares, and additional services to various clients


  • Erection, installation and commissioning of overhead, goliath/gantry cranes
  • Overhauling and crane modification for both eot and goliath/ gantry cranes.

Both these services are undertaken by our service arm, i.e. Unique Erectors And Consultants

Unique Industrial Handlers Pvt. Ltd. undertakes the primary functions of complete design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of all types of cranes. In this process, Unique Erectors and Consultants form the second chain of services offered to our clients. These include seamless and efficient erection, as well as complete commissioning of the crane supplied. The role of this arm ( Unique Erectors and Consultants ) also expands to consultation and training for crane operation and crane modification. Training is provided on crane operations and safe lifting.

Over 1000 unique cranes, require spares for continous working. We provide quality, precision made spares to you on time!

Timely delivery of quality spares, is now a must in the Crane Industry. Unique with its proven design credentials, and pedigree is ideally positioned to serve all your needs. Our dedicated spares team is constantly at your service


  • Hooks both C Type and Ramshorn
  • Pulleys
  • Rope Drums
  • Wire Rope
  • Gearboxes
  • Brake Drums and couplings with brake drums
  • Wheels and Wheel Assembly
  • Compact Enclosed Festoon Cable System
  • Pendent Cable with built in steel wire is available ex stock.
  • Shrouded Bus Bar

Other spare parts - Electro Hydraulic Thrustor Brakes, Brake Shoe and Lining, AC and DC Brakes, Brake Hub & Rotor, Brake Coil, Brake Armature, Pin Bush Couplings, Geared Couplings, Slip Ring Motors, Sq Cage Motors, Induction motors, dual speed motors, foot and flange mounted motors, Pendent Push button station.

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