Our Products

In the last twenty five years, UNIQUE has grown steadily to expand its range of products from CRANES to other Material Handling Items. UNIQUE has managed to keep the right balance between manufacturing it core products with expanding its range to other material handling items.

More than two decades have seen UNIQUE become proficient at manufacturing cranes that fall within these categories. Today it manufactures a blend of both medium to higher capacity cranes. The fact that more than a hundred cranes that UNIQUE has manufactured are above a hundred ton capacity underlines our competency in this Industry.

EOT/ Overhead Cranes

The EOT/ Overhead crane has been a standard product of Unique since its inception in 1983. Years of experience in design, and an efficient manufacturing process, guarantees our cranes perform beyond their operational needs. Along with on time maintenance services and quality spares, Unique is a solid partner for all your engineering needs.

Goliath/Semi Goliath Cranes

The design, and complete installation of SEMI GOLIATH /GANTRY AND GOLIATH/GANTRY cranes has been a core competency of Unique, from the time it came in to existence. Over that period of time we have served a gamut of Industries, and designed cranes for a variety of processes and environments.

Transfer Trolley

The transfer trolley today has evolved in to an essential capital asset on the factory floor. Unique itself has designed a number of heavy duty trolleys meant for different industries. From trolleys working in strenous environments such as steel plants, to trolleys used in railway workshops, our mechanized trolleys serve as a workhorse to many different customers.

Traverser / Turntable

The Traverser or Transfer Table" is essentially a device for handling all sorts of railway rolling stock, which travels on rails along the ground. This product was developed by Unique in 1995, due to the demand of modernization by the Indian Railways.

The Turn Table is a device which turns rail road stock, so that they can be moved back in the direction from which they came.

Today more than a decade later, Unique specializes in two types of Traversers, as well as turntables for both Public and Private Sector Railway companies. Our Traversers handle a variety of rolling stock from heavy duty engines/diesel locomotives/ Ac coaches/ Metro coaches. The Traversers we manufacture are both "pit type" and Surface Type Traverser to suit any site condition.


Automatic Coach Wash Plant

Unique has installed and commisioned India's first Automatic Coach Wash Plant. It is located at Ghorpuri, Pune.

The coach wash plant is the first fully automatic coach wash plant in the country. At optimum capacity the plant is expected to clean upto 80 coaches a day. This prestgious project has been completed by Unique Industrial Handlers Pvt Ltd, with timely assistance and advice from UK based EMEG RAIL

The indian railways are on a modernization spree, and it is expected that ten more such plants will be installed all over the country in the near future.

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Special Projects

Drop pit Table

Currently the diesel electric Locomotives (Engines ) have replaced almost 90% of the steam engines worldwide. This happened long ago in the advanced countries and in India also great strides have been made in modernizing the Railways.

The modern method of removing the axle set is through the drop pit table that is safer than any other method. There are more than 800 DPTs working world wide and supplied by foreign suppliers.

Stack Inspection Device

The inspection facilities consist of a mobile steel platform - being like a crane - with the rope hoist for the working cage, a hoisting gear for stack caps as well as of the essential units for safe operation of the equipment along with communication system such as walkie talkie.

The working cage with 02 persons travels through cooling stack / tubular pipes to inspect the cooling stack, both in the vertical and in the angular flues and there after repair / replace the linings of the cooling stack. The cage travels through the cooling stack with the help of two separate steel ropes. This Special equipment enables cleaning and repair of all interior of stack walls.

These inspection facilities is known as Stack Inspection Device and are used with great success in cooling stack / steel works all over the world in converter shop of the steel plants."

Our very first two Stack Inspection Devices were commissioned in 2015, in the Steel Melting Shop at NMDC PLANT, NAGARNAGAR. Since then we have supplied two more operational Stack Inspection Devices, working in Bokaro Steel Plant and JSW Vijaynagar Metallics , Toragallu. The device installed in Toragallu has been installed as recently as 2023.

Presently four operational Stack Inspection Devices have been supplied by us."

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